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Reliable and valid quantitative and qualitative research

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Research Services

Employee Development Surveys/Audit

Investigative research into performance issues

Risk assessment of behaviours/culture

Solution focus management

Psyfactor has led on research in organisations, relying on both quantitative and qualitative (sense-making) research that delivers concrete recommendations for how to support performance and support your people in the process.   Research uncovers the daily workings within the organisation as well as the perceptions that your people rely on that shape their decision-making and where they will take responsibility.

All research projects are professionally structured to ensure agreed purpose and terms of reference, and transparency of the research methodology.

Psyfactor ensures full data security and confidentiality of research materials, data and reports.

For more information about our research services, or to discuss your needs with a psychologist,  contact us to arrange a no-obligation and confidential briefing.