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Bring out the best in your managers through executive development.

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Executive Development

360/420 degree feedback

Support to newly appointed directors/senior managers.

Executive coaching

Employee development

Developing capable, proactive and committed leaders.

Improve self-awareness, engagement and leadership

We will deliver full 360 degree feedback to your managers, in line with your competency framework. 360 degree feedback enables managers to know how their staff and colleagues view their leadership.It provides current awareness of key strengths and areas for further development.  We use the feedback to inform a development plan that contains concrete actions/behaviours for engaging staff and taking the business forward. Psyfactor can provide a bespoke 360 instrument based on your competency framework or Hays Emotional Intelligence feedback, which covers all leadership competencies.

Support to newly appointed directors/senior managers.

We also deliver sessions to newly appointed Directors and Associate Directors with a specific purpose and focus on how they capture current and future business needs and develop their way forward. These sessions have been welcomed by Directors as ‘me time’,  time to assimilate what is happening in the business and set in place their direction and leadership.

Executive coaching

We have extensive experience in coaching managers using an evidence-based approach of past performance, psychometric testing and developing practical strategy for improvement.  Beyond a ‘development plan’ we work with the manager through the implementation of strategies to the successful achievement of goals and outcomes.

Employee Development to meet future business needs

In the fast moving world of changing markets and business needs, what your employees learn and how they adapt is critical to your survival. A learning organisation will capture and prioritise development needs, based on current and emerging business realities. We consult with managers and their staff to capture the current business/operational challenges and set out the learning framework for the whole organisation including succession planning.

Building confident and insightful leadership

Supporting directors and managers to set the right steer and expectations from day one

Building the right capability to meet current and future business needs