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Psyfactor has conducted an extensive review of research on Engagement which has informed the design of an evidence-based Engagement Index (EDEX) and an Engagement Strategy Toolkit for managers to bring about sustained improvements to engagement and on to performance.  EDEX is different in that it not only recognises the role of individual motivation but the impact of the wider working environment (meaningfulness of the work, team dynamics, management style, work culture). If these are designed to support work experience, then they boost engagement; if not then they will quickly and continually erode engagement, despite the best efforts of a line manager to motivate staff. EDEX Strategy Toolkit gives managers the scaffolding and the tools to build engagement.

Managers need more than survey results to bring about engagement; they need the strategies and tools that are proven to work.

Are you not seeing improvements on the last staff survey?

Engagement is about people as much as it is about competencies - It won’t happen without the 2-way commitment between staff and leadership.

 Are your staff  on board with delivering organisational success?

Evidence-based questionnaire that measures all factors that impact on engagement in the team  

EDEX Engagement Index and Strategy Toolkit

EDEX Index and Engagement Toolkit

Toolkit for Line managers contains practical and evidence-based strategies to build engagement

Engagement Workshop including full training materials for HR to introduce the toolkit and upskill line managers  

The engagement strategies are consistent with HR guidelines for good management practices     

To view the evidence on the impact of engagement on performance

Click here to download the government commissioned McCleod Report

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