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Lead role on Employee Development at SunChemical Ltd

We conducted an employee development survey across all UK plants to identify existing strengths and areas for improvement to ‘management development - who could access it, who benefited from it, how did managers perceive their value in the company and seek to develop further.  The qualitative research captured managers’ attempts to bring about operational improvements and engage HR and other corporate managers in the process.  Employee Development is never just about training - it’s also  about organisational culture, particularly the level of trust in and autonomy afforded to  individual managers so they can develop and run with their talents.   

Designed and introduced psychometric assessment in Europe’s largest local authority.

We were asked to introduce, design and implement psychometric assessment to improve recruitment across all Departments of Birmingham City Council, Europe’s largest local authority.  Managing all aspects of assessment including benchmarking profiles for jobs, design of assessment centres, consultation with trade unions and governance of assessment policy and standards. We improved recruitment by widening the assessment to bring in key personal and behavioural attributes - what we call ‘putting people into the performance equation’ as well as technical skills and experience. Working closely with Directors to define successful performance for each role, we drew clear and transparent links to psychometric assessment criteria. We also provided executive coaching to newly appointed Directors to help them identify the immediate challenges facing them and strategic forward visioning and planning.

Lead role on Psychometric assessment at NHS Mental Health Trust

We are the chosen provider of psychometric assessment at a NHS Mental Health Trust in Central England.  The Trust has now widened its assessment beyond technical competences to key personality and  behavioural attributes that impact upon performance for recruitment across the board - from nursing and clinical staff to director level posts.  The challenge is ‘to get it right first time’  - to appoint people who will promote the key behaviours required to succeed, to innovate, to take calculated risks, to be decisive and supportive - and above all - to focus on how everyone achieves - high quality standards of care and service excellence. We work in close partnership with the HR teams to benchmark the roles and deliver transparent assessment.

Employee Development across Chemical Plants
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