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Improve talent and performance through reliable assessment.

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Assessment Services

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Assessment Design

Accurate job profiling and person assessment has a proven  impact on performance and the bottom line.

We have extensive experience in the design and delivery of assessment centres for major public and private sector organisations. We are accredited in a wide range of  leading psychometric tests and are partners with Saville & Holdsworth Ltd.

Benchmarking that proves direct links between tests and the key competencies, behaviours and personal attributes for the role

Focus on emergent operational demands, not just static job descriptions

A full support process in place for all your candidates

Feedback to candidates following assessment to identify key strengths and areas for future development

Highly competitive pricing of assessment centres

Run by chartered occupational psychologists with expertise

Executive development using Myers Briggs.

Examples of the tests we use:

Ability Assessment

SHL Critical Reasoning Tests (Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Reasoning)

Hay Group Management Competency

Personality Assesment

SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire OPQ

Questionnaire MCQ

Hay Group Emotional Intelligence Inventory

Hogan Personality Inventory

Hogan Development Survey (the dark side of personality)

Myers Briggs MBTI

Team Focus Firo-B

Belbin Team Roles

Bespoke 360 degree Feedback

Bespoke competency assessment

BPS Approved Tests

Job analysis and Benchmarking.



Full candidate reports for panel