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43 Temple Row,

Birmingham B5 1LS

United Kingdom

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We are an independent and trusted psychological practice delivering evidence-based solutions to organisations across all industry sectors. We partner with the leading test agencies to bring you the full range of assessment products and services to raise capability and performance.

We have extensive experience of working across all functions and levels of central and local government, with an emphasis on enhancing community service and improving performance in a global manufacturing company.

We also lead on strategy for workforce engagement, preventing absenteeism, and facilitating culture change for competitive performance. For a consultation about how we can support you to meet your business needs click here

We agree clear measures and outcomes for our work to ensure transparent working in partnership with our clients. We are committed to keeping updated about developments in research to build our knowledge base and inform our services and products.

We are committed to equal opportunity and diversity and we are bound by the practice standards set out by the British Psychological Society and the Health Professions Council.

Trusted provider of psychological services since 1997